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Q About Us

The National Association of Jamaican & Supportive Organizations, Inc. (NAJASO) is a non-profit, tax-exempt umbrella Association of Jamaicans and supporters throughout the United States and internationally. NAJASO was founded July 4, 1977, when representatives of Jamaican groups from across the United States of America met in Washington, DC and launched the national body to address immediate problems which primarily affected their communities in the United States.

NAJASO embraces many non-Jamaicans in organizations and individually, who support the Association’s programs; and also works closely with American and Caribbean organizations on issues affecting Jamaica, in particular, and the Caribbean in general. NAJASO does not support any political party in Jamaica, but carries out its program of assistance to Jamaica without any partisan political consideration.

Q Our Vison

We will be the most successful Jamaican umbrella organization in the United States and abroad and a respected world-class non-profit organization. We will be the leading facilitator for organizations, businesses and individuals who wish to be charitable to our causes, a leading provider of resources to the less privileged in Jamaica and abroad, and a premier provider of focused assistance in youth education and in creating awareness in matters of national interest in the United States and Jamaica.

Q Our Mission

The mission of NAJASO is to be internationally recognized as the representative umbrella organization of Jamaican and supportive organizations distinguished by strong relationships with member organizations, quality programs and excellent service to our communities and homeland.

-We will accomplish our mission by focusing on our communities, we will have strong community relationships by understanding their needs and by providing quality programs and assistance. We will be responsible citizens and participate actively in enriching the quality of life to the communities we serve.

-Invest in our members; we will respect and value our members and offer opportunities for full participation, growth and reward.

-Take personal responsibility for the success of NAJASO; we will be the best and perform with professionalism and integrity.